Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Juice Bottle Experiment

Hey my loyal followers... too many of you to name ;)
So I'm working on just about anything I can think of so I gain experience and learn stuff, and hopefully put it all together in a really cool showreel.

So this video is what I did today. I didn't add any music or sounds but I was reminded of an audio spectrum so I tried to make it look like that in the edit. I probably should have done it to some music but I will leave that for a future experiment.

I have noticed two problems with this.
1. You can see my reflection in the microwave door and the bottle. It is too difficult to see this in the LED screen on my camera so I will resolve this is by some day hooking straight up to my laptop. That way I can view the images on my laptop as I take them.

2. When I poured the juice into the bottle it moved the bottle ever so slightly to the left. It was so slight that I didn't notice until I put it all together. I usually stick things down but this was a clear plastic bottle that I wasn't going to be touching... lesson learned. Now all I need to know is what do I use to stick down clear plastic? I would appreciate any suggestions...


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Picture I did for friends

Okay first blog post... ever! I'll keep this short to see how it goes.
I did this pic for two friends of mine. Well only one of them asked for it but she asked for a picture of her and him so it's really for both of them... right? Never mind I did it anyway.
Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments.